Aluminium Cladding

  • Ferramech was the first continuous pre-painted rolled aluminium section using powder paints to be made and sold in Italy. Painted with very flexible special thermosetting resin-based powder paints, Ferramech can undergo any sort of processing keeping intact its original colour and with excellent resistance to mechanic deformation.
  • Giving a magical facelift to the high-end exterior construction and architectural industry, Ferramech unlike the traditional cladding, can be easily fixed in least amount of time, is exceptionally durable, lightweight and maintenance free, weather, moisture and UV resistant as well as eco friendly. In addition, Ferramech also acts as a thermal insulator, reflect noise, is highly cost effective and can even act as bracing for exteriors.
  • Ferramech is an extruded aluminum weatherboard system offering a choice of different profiles for use on new construction or for re-cladding. It is suitable for residential or commercial works as exterior cladding for the entire structure or for feature areas in combination with other cladding products. Ferramech is also suitable for use in interior applicafions such as feature cladding or integrated into door, screens, etc. Ferramech is supplied pre-finished in a wide range of color options.
  • Other Applications:
    • Soflits & Fascias
    • Garage Doors
    • Doors, Gates & Fences
    • Decorative Shutters
    • Interior Walls & Ceilings