Prefabricated Steel Buildings

  • Ferramech is India‚Äôs one of the most modern and innovative manufacturer and supplier of Pre-Fabricated quick-build houses. The fabulous aesthetic appealing environment-friendly Pre-Fabricated building system developed by us is a fruit of creative and technological efficiency of our team, earned by having more than three decades of excellent experience in this trade.
  • We are happy to see the awareness spreading. Demands for Prefab solutions are on the rise, especially now more than ever and are already being used in various sectors such as aviation, energy, environment, defense, sports, events and retail.
  • Our solutions require less heavy installation equipment, less transport and are easier/ quicker to erect. The concept of our housing system is based on rapid construction technology to get these houses operational immediately, to meet needs in residential sector, promising Strong, Safe, Sustainable and Environmental-friendly affordable houses which allows all people regardless of social class, all income group to own a house.